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Badge of Honor: MYHABIT

myhabit copy

Another Friday, another Badge of Honor to award! Which ecommerce site gets the prize today? None other than Amazon’s MYHABIT flash sale site. Not only does this site offer some amazing deals on designer brands, but it also offers an intuitive shopping experience that makes it a joy to shop. Let’s break it down. MYHABIT […]

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Badge of Honor: Rickshaw Bagworks

rickshaw copy

Today’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor goes to Rickshaw Bagworks. There are so many great features about this site, including the customization features and the Twitter integration, that there’s no point wasting time with an introduction. Let’s just dive in and see what makes this site so awesome! When I arrived on the home page, […]

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Badge of Honor: Intelligentsia Coffee

intelligentsia copy

While brewing my morning caffeine fix today, I was browsing the Intelligentsia Coffee site. This coffee roaster is known for their high-quality direct trade coffees, and consumers can buy their beans on this ecommerce site. The design and navigation here is really cool. So cool, in fact, that it earned them today’s Badge of Honor. […]

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Badge of Honor: Origins

origins copy

While exploring the ecommerce site of skincare brand Origins, I came across some pretty awesome features that I just had to share. In particular, their awesome site search function caused me to award this retailer today’s Badge of Honor. Check it out! When I first arrived on the site, I had in mind that I […]

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Badge of Honor: The Republic of Tea

republicoftea copy

We are back with another Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor! The winner of today’s award is The Republic of Tea, a retailer that sells, you guessed it, lots of tea. One stand-out navigation feature of this site was so cool that it earned them our Badge. Let’s take a look! Sasha Butkovich on Google+

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Noon Solar Bags our Badge of Honor

noonsolar copy

This week, I’m dreaming of beautiful leather accessories and beautiful ecommerce design. Noon Solar wins this week’s Badge of Honor for making my dreams come true! This retailer’s online store is a prime example of how breaking the mold can pay off in a big way. The design and layout of the site is anything […]

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Badge of Honor: Chic Armor & the Armored Babe

chicarmor copy

Man, some ecommerce sites are doing really cool things with social media these days! Take jewelry brand Chic Armor, for instance. They devote a whole tab of their top navigation to user-generated photos of their products from Instagram and Twitter. How cool to feature your customers so prominently on your site! Clearly they have a […]

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Badge of Honor: FTD and Facebook Likes

ftd copy

We’re back with another Badge of Honor! Today we are diving into another great ecommerce site search, this time from the flower & gift shop at FTD. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! (It’s next week guys, nudge nugde) While searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas on this site, we came across some cool features […]

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Badge of Honor: NFL Shop

nfl copy

Well, we all know what’s coming this weekend: The Big Game (we’re all going to get sued if we use the actual name, right?) Or I could take a page from Stephen Colbert’s book and move a consonant, and call it the Superb Owl. Anyway, regardless of what we’re calling it, this huge event offers […]

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Badge of Honor:

kidrobot copy

Sometimes, ecommerce site search is incredibly bad, and sometimes it’s fine. But sometimes, you come across a site search that blows you away. Today we’re featuring a site with just such a site search function: This retailer of art toys and apparel earned this week’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor for a search that […]