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Minimal but a Full Experience


My lust to spend money and love for minimal clothes was rejected by Rag & Bone. I surrendered my wallet and my heart was crushed as I was teased and strung out trying to claw for something that was not. Desperate and alone, I retreat to an old love of mine, APC, aka Atelier de Production […]

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True Value: Badge Of Honor

truevalue copy

I enjoy sites that really take shopping to a next level, offering you a complete and interactive shopping experience, such as a look book or in this case, True Value’s ‘Project’ area.  Here you can  learn how to paint a room, seal your driveway and even  how to repair gutters.  True Value takes the extra step […]

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Mod Cloth: Be The Buyer

be the buyer

I love it when companies come up with innovative ways to interact with their customers. Mod Cloth has a ‘Be The Buyer’ feature where customers get to vote on items they want to see in stock. I think that is a great way for Mod Cloth to have some sort ‘guarantee’ that whatever they stock […]


Badge Of Honor: Banana Republic

BR sandals quick links

I was browsing through some shoes on Banana Republic’s website,  and I when I got to the bottom of the page, I saw a little box with ‘Quick Links’ and so I clicked on one of them. Turns out that when you are shopping on Banana Republic’s site, you can click on one of those […]


Refinery 29: Here Is Your Badge Of Honor


Have you checked out Refinery29‘s website? It is a refreshing mix of blog and webstore and keeps the readers captivated. I wanted to spend the whole day reading the blog posts and even purchase some of the items they were blogging about. This is a great example of giving your brand a personality and so […]

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Hollister: Here’s Your Badge of Honor

hollister model view

And today’s badge of honor goes to Hollister. *Cue dramatic music* I love that Hollister offers their customers both a product view and a model view. Makes the customer have a better idea of what they are going to buy and we are all for that!


Pottery Barn: Here Is Your Badge Of Honor

pottery barn items copy

It was a great idea for me to subscribe to Pottery Barn’s mailing list. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check out the site. First of all, their ‘Entertaining’ section is great, very engaging with tips, ideas and videos.  And check out the ‘Featured in This Room’ section, where you can buy just […]

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AHAlife, You Get Today’s Badge Of Honor.

ahalife copy

Of course we can’t only be seeing faults in eCommerce sites now can we? We love that we can easily browse using the  ‘Quick View’ of each product on AHAlife, as opposed to having to clicking each product to see the ‘Quick View.’  Great for the casual browser! So today AHAlife, you get a Badge Of […]

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Badge of Honor: Hertz So Good


You might recall some rather extreme challenges I had a few weeks back with Ticketmaster. It’s all about location, location location…and access to that location, location, location. Well, I recently came across a seemingly simple promotion from Hertz (Gold Plus Rewards). It’s both subtle and to the point. In one straightforward ad, I have access […]

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