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A Badge of Honor for Bellroy

bellroy copy

Another Friday means it’s time for another ecommerce Badge of Honor! Today our blog’s little award goes to Bellroy, a retailer of the slimmest wallets around. This site is visually beautiful overall, but we’re really loving the fresh and interesting ways this brand uses visual elements to guide and inform the shopper. Let’s check it […]

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Ecommerce Badge of Honor: The North Face

northface copy

We’re back with another Ecommerce Badge of Honor! Today, the award goes to The North Face for some great design elements, as well as a wonderful user experience. Let’s take a look at this popular outdoor brand’s site and explore what’s so great about it. Starting on the home page, I really love the design […]

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Badge of Honor: BaubleBar

baublebar copy

In case anyone was wondering how to do a really great top navigation menu, allow me to enlighten you. BaubleBar, an ecommerce retailer of fashion jewelry, has mastered the art of the drop-down, and it has earned them our Badge of Honor today. Let’s take a look to see what makes this site’s navigation so […]

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Badge of Honor: Monsoon

monsoon copy

Today’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor is quick and simple. (Really, isn’t this what online shopping should always be about?) The winning site is Monsoon, a UK-based retailer that offers clothing and accessories for women and children. There are many nice features on this site that are not uncommon throughout the ecommerce world, however, there […]

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Badge of Honor: Skinny Ties

skinnytie2 copy

Let’s talk about first impressions. The Skinny Ties ecommerce site makes a great one. With a clean, simple and engaging design, the visual appeal here is definitely awesome. But what earns this site today’s Badge of Honor is it’s cool top navigation. Take a look! The top navigation offers visitors several ways to shop: Collection, […]

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Badge of Honor: Red Sister Blue

redsisterblue copy

On Ecommerce Outtakes, we often get submissions from merchants and users asking us to review their website. Usually we offer up some constructive criticism and tell them the various ways that they can improve the shopping experience on their site. However, when we saw the submission for clothing retailer Red Sister Blue‘s ecommerce site, we realized […]

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Badge of Honor:

hammacher1 copy

Today’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor is being awarded to Hammacher Schlemmer for some really nice recommendation and cross-sale features. Let’s dive right in! When I was browsing the huge selection of interesting and unique products this retailer has to offer, I was intrigued by this transparent canoe kayak. I mean, come on. It’s a […]


Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Five ways ecommerce sites can boost profits (eConsultancy) “There are a myriad of barriers that online retailers face and it can be difficult to respond adequately to them all. The top five price related issues that they must address are: increased price competition, consumer price sensitivity, the need to protect the brand’s price image, increased price transparency, […]

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In Site Search, Follow the Breadcrumbs

kohlsbreadcrumb1 copy

We’ve awarded the Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor to plenty of outstanding site searches in the past. Truly, an awesome site search function with features like rich auto complete and thumbnail images can be the difference between an average shopping experience and an outstanding shopping experience. However, it’s understandable that not every webstore can implement […]

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Badge of Honor: Calvin Klein’s Denim Fit Guide

calvinklein copy

Today we’re awarding our coveted Badge of Honor to one very cool feature on the Calvin Klein ecommerce site. Although sites with lots of bells and whistles can often become weighed down and difficult to navigate, sometimes those little extras can make a big difference when they’re done well. With that in mind, it’s time […]

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