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How Exactly do I Customize it, Luxaddiction?

luxaddiction1 copy

A male coworker of mine sent me the link to Luxaddiction, an ecommerce retailer of blinged out and bedazzled cases for phones and tablets. Now, why my deskmate Louis is browsing for rhinestone-studded iPhone cases, well… I just didn’t ask. The important thing here is that this retailer offers the option to customize a case, […]

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Badge of Honor: Rickshaw Bagworks

rickshaw copy

Today’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor goes to Rickshaw Bagworks. There are so many great features about this site, including the customization features and the Twitter integration, that there’s no point wasting time with an introduction. Let’s just dive in and see what makes this site so awesome! When I arrived on the home page, […]

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Candy Warehouse Confusion…

candywarehouse1 copy

Easter is on its way, and although I don’t celebrate this holiday, it brings about a very exciting time of year: Cadbury Egg season. Of course, I had to get online to search for an ecommerce retailer where I could get these delicious treats. That’s how I ended up on the Candy Warehouse site. And […]

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Keeping Ecommerce Filters Relevant to the Products

gardners1 copy

I always encourage ecommerce sites to provide shoppers with great refinement options. The ability to sort and filter categories of products can be very helpful for a user who is browsing and wants to narrow down their options to find the item they want to buy. However, tacking on a bunch of filters without putting […]

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Pining for Filters from J.Crew

jcrewouttake2 copy

Not too long ago, we gave J. Crew an ecommerce Badge of Honor for the In Good Company section on their site. Although those aspects of the webstore were great, today we found some other areas that were not so great. Specifically the fact that J. Crew’s online store doesn’t offer sorting or filtering options […]

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Badge of Honor: Intelligentsia Coffee

intelligentsia copy

While brewing my morning caffeine fix today, I was browsing the Intelligentsia Coffee site. This coffee roaster is known for their high-quality direct trade coffees, and consumers can buy their beans on this ecommerce site. The design and navigation here is really cool. So cool, in fact, that it earned them today’s Badge of Honor. […]

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Here’s What I’d Love from Lucky Brand

luckybrand1 copy

Today I headed over to the Lucky Brand ecommerce store to see what kind of deals I could find in the sale section. There were lots of products to choose from, but I was a bit disappointed in the filtering capabilities. Let me show you why. I clicked the option to View All Women’s sale, […]

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Doll Swimwear and the Search Term Confusion

dollswimwear1 copy

With warm weather on my mind, I was searching online for bikinis. I came across the ecommerce site for Doll Swimwear and began to browse the selection. This shopping experience ended up being an exercise in confusion and patience… Let me tell you all about it. When I first arrived on the site, I headed to […]

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I’m not really feeling the urgency…

pampered1 copy

I found myself on The Pampered Chef‘s website today. No, I’m not trying to switch careers and sell cookware door-to-door. It turns out, you can purchase these products online as well through their ecommerce storefront, which is pretty nice. It’s great that a company of this kind has expanded in a way that allows people […]

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Disappointing Search Results from MakeMeChic

makemechic1 copy

Although we’re having a cold day in NYC, spring seems to be in the air. It’s the kind of feeling that inspires a person to find some cute new wedge sandals for the coming warm weather! A Google search for wedges led me to an ecommerce site called MakeMeChic, which sells trendy clothes and accessories […]