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Let Down by FreshDirect’s Site Search

freshdirectsearch1 copy

A coworker was placing the office’s FreshDirect order on their ecommerce site when she ran into a problem. Normally I find FreshDirect to be pretty great, but this was a big let down for the site search function. Take a look at the results returned for a search for “plastic cups.” What we had in […]

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Nordstrom Looks for Customer UX Feedback

nordstromUX1 copy

While exploring the Nordstrom ecommerce site the other day, I came across something really interesting. I happened to click on a picture while browsing that led me to a Complete Looks page. Basically, it showed me all the items that the model in the image is wearing so that I could shop the individual pieces […]

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What does it take for you to opt in?

lightbox1 copy

Today I have a question for all the readers out there. While I was browsing various ecommerce sites to shop for jeans, I noticed that many e-retailers are using a similar strategy. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. You arrive on a site to shop, and within a matter of seconds, the background dims and […]

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The Problem with Shopping for DKNY Jeans…

dkny1 copy

When I visited the DKNY ecommerce site today to shop for jeans, I thought it would be simple. How wrong I was… Take a look at the screenshot below of the women’s jeans category. As you can see, there are multiple pages of jeans to click through, but a disappointing number of options to narrow […]

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Badge of Honor: Calvin Klein’s Denim Fit Guide

calvinklein copy

Today we’re awarding our coveted Badge of Honor to one very cool feature on the Calvin Klein ecommerce site. Although sites with lots of bells and whistles can often become weighed down and difficult to navigate, sometimes those little extras can make a big difference when they’re done well. With that in mind, it’s time […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Lilly Pulitzer

lillypulitzer1 copy

As I was shopping for dresses on the lovely Lilly Pulitzer ecommerce site, I happened to find an odd little issue. In order to narrow down the selection of party dresses, I opened the “narrow by” menu at the top of the page. There was an option to select my size, and then the options […]

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Suggesting Swatches for

oriental1 copy

While browsing lighting products from ecommerce retailer, I came across a big problem. Take a look at the screenshot below. For this item, the Geneva 2 Light Flush, there are five product images showing each of the available colors. However, they are not labeled to let the user know which is which! When I […]

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Badge of Honor: MYHABIT

myhabit copy

Another Friday, another Badge of Honor to award! Which ecommerce site gets the prize today? None other than Amazon’s MYHABIT flash sale site. Not only does this site offer some amazing deals on designer brands, but it also offers an intuitive shopping experience that makes it a joy to shop. Let’s break it down. MYHABIT […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Tackle Direct

tackledirect1 copy

Today I stumbled upon an ecommerce site called Tackle Direct, an online retailer of all kind of fishing gear. Sadly, this site is no catch (see what I did there?) I arrived on a landing page for saltwater fishing rods and poles, and I immediately noticed something weird. This whole category page is one big […]

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What do you think of this refinement strategy?

sportsunlimited1 copy

Today I came across an interesting refinement strategy on ecommerce site Sports Unlimited, and I wanted to share it here to see what the readers think. Now I definitely preach that sites should have lots of filtering and sorting options to help shoppers narrow down the selection. Take a look at how Sports Unlimited went […]

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