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Making Sizes Simpler on

helenjon1 copy

After seeing a promotion for Helen Jon swimwear, I decided to explore this ecommerce store. When I did, I found that finding the correct size is not an easy task for the shopper. In the swim section of the site, I wanted to use the left navigation to narrow down my selection. I can filter […]

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Oster and Their Unavailable Blenders

Oster1 copy

Browsing the Oster ecommerce site for blenders led me to a strange discovery. When I arrived on the site, I headed straight for the Blenders section using the top navigation tab. This page offers many product results over multiple pages, so it’s great to see some helpful filtering options in the left navigation. I love […]

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Problems on the Birkenstock Ecommerce Site

birkenstock1 copy

Well, apparently Birkesntocks are making another comeback in popularity. I decided to visit their U.S. ecommerce site to check out the latest styles. What I found were some issues with the navigation of the website. Take a look at the home page, first of all. Okay, I see a top navigation and categories, a featured […]

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Strange and Misleading Images on The Men’s Section

menssection1 copy

Arriving on the home page of the ecommerce site The Men’s Section, shoppers will find some features and promotions front and center. The largest image showcases the Explosive Black Leather Fitted Jacket for Men, as you can see below. I don’t know what makes it “explosive,” which is kind of a strange descriptor for a […]

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Comparing Brewers on the Keurig Ecommerce Site

keurig1 copy

My coffee machine at home is on its last leg, and I’m a bit of a caffeine addict. I thought I’d browse around on the Keurig ecommerce store to see if one of their brewing machines would be right for me. Unfortunately, I found the experience on this site to be a bit confusing… When […]

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Paperworks’ Paper Finder is an Ecommerce Flop

paperworks1 copy

Today I was shopping for paper products when I wound up on the Paperworks ecommerce site. At first glance, it seemed that the long list of categories in the left navigation would be a lot to sift through. When I noticed the “Try our Paper Finder!” icon in the upper left corner, I decided to […]

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Thermos and Their 2 Confusing Websites

thermos1 copy

Okay, here’s a weird one for you. Today, I did a Google search for “travel mugs” and I came across what I thought was the Thermos ecommerce site. I clicked on the link and arrived on the landing page below. As you can see, there is a wide selection of mugs & tumblers to shop […]

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In Site Search, Follow the Breadcrumbs

kohlsbreadcrumb1 copy

We’ve awarded the Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor to plenty of outstanding site searches in the past. Truly, an awesome site search function with features like rich auto complete and thumbnail images can be the difference between an average shopping experience and an outstanding shopping experience. However, it’s understandable that not every webstore can implement […]

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Is Diesel’s Home Page Trying to Do Too Much?

diesel1 copy

Since last week, I have been shopping on many ecommerce sites for jeans. I decided to check out┬á┬áto see what kind of styles I could find. When I visited this site however, I was pretty overwhelmed. This brand’s home page has a cool looking design, but it showcases so many categories and features that it’s […]

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Please, Pewabic, Redesign Your Site!

pewabic1 copy

Although many people here in NYC may not have heard of Pewabic Pottery, as a Detroit native, I know about these products. Pewabic is a historic pottery in Detroit that dates back to 1903, and they are well-known for handmade ceramic tiles and vases. Truly, these items are beautiful. I was excited to find that […]

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