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Ecommerce Snapshot:

nastygal copy

I was browsing around the Nasty Gal ecommerce site the other day looking for some new summer outfits. I came across an item called the Sweet Fever Chambray Romper, which seemed like a great find. I headed to the product page to check it out, and I found some confusing product images. Confusing mainly because […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Boscov’s

boscov7 copy

I was browsing around on the Boscov’s ecommerce site when I noticed something a little weird. Granted, this isn’t the first time Boscov’s has landed in our Lookin’ Weird department… This time, the problem actually had more to do with what I didn’t notice: the Add to Cart button. Take a look at the screenshot […]


A Facebook fiasco with Fevrier Designs


Like so many of us with iPhones and other smart phones, I’m always using social media on my phone. Last week, I was browsing the Facebook mobile site when I noticed one of the promoted posts. This post was for an ecommerce site called Fevrier Designs. The picture they featured showed some really cute iPhone […]

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Maybe I don’t want to join your club…


I recently received a great gift that I’m really excited about: a Nespresso coffee maker. Perfect for a caffeine addict like myself! However, it has just been sitting on my counter so far, because I don’t actually have any of the Nespresso coffee capsules that fit the machine. Of course, I headed to the Nespresso […]

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Ecommerce Email Fail:

ledlight1 copy

Last week, I ordered some LED lights from an ecommerce company called After I placed my order, the site sent me an order confirmation email with all the details of my purchase. It also thanked me for my purchase, and pointed out that there was a coupon for me at the bottom of the […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Bing Shopping

bing copy

I needed to purchase a particular type of LED light, and I thought instead of using Google, I would give another search engine a try. Bing offers shopping results, so I typed the specific type of light I wanted into the search field. The results I got were… a bit weird. Take a look: Granted, […]

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Badge of Honor: Grub Hub

grubhub copy

Get excited, because it’s time for another Badge of Honor! Congratulations to restaurant ordering website Grub Hub, who joins the ranks today. This site is great–easy to use, good navigation–but the main reason Grub Hub earned their badge is for exceptional customer service. Let me tell you the story…

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ECommerce Snapshot: GoJane


Okay GoJane, you have the functionality… So tell me… what might I also like?  

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Mobile Snapshot: Urban Outfitters

UO1 copy

Let me just start by saying that Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite mobile shopping sites. I use it all the time! It’s so easy to browse, and I even tend to give it as an example when I’m talking about how to achieve good mobile e-commerce. UO does so many things right, but […]

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Badge of Honor : Need Supply Co.


I stumbled across the site for Need Supply Co. — a boutique based in Richmond, VA — this week. I was quite pleased by the sleek look and the intelligent, simple design of this website. After ┬áspending a good amount of time browsing on the site, I’ve determined it is worthy of a Badge of […]

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