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The DMV is Brutal, Even Online

DMV copy

There is no greater way to test one’s patience and sanity than a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The waiting, the endless lines, the generally unfriendly faces. You all know what I mean. So when I found out that I could renew my registration on the DMV’s website, I jumped at the opportunity […]

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Don’t You Hate When This Happens?

popneiman1 copy

Last week, I received an email from ShopStyle by PopSugar in my inbox. Usually I’m all about these emails, because they offers some great deals for online shopping. A turtleneck dress from Neiman Marcus caught my eye this time. 70% off cashmere? You can’t beat that! I clicked on the Shop Now button. This link […]

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Stuck in Tiger Direct’s Ecommerce Checkout


Yesteraday I was shopping the ecommerce site for some new computers for the office. This retailer sells all kinds of electronics and office supplies, so I had no problem finding the computers I needed. But it was when I got to the checkout on this site that I found a big problem… I added […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: AT&T


Today AT&T finds itself in the Ecommerce Outtakes Lion’s Den. Why exactly? Well, mainly for teasing users with a cool feature that doesn’t work. Take a look: I’m looking to upgrade my phone, so I logged into my account and began shopping around on AT&T’s ecommerce site. On the product page for the Samsung Galaxy S […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: GoJane emails

gojane1 copy

I ordered and received a pair of shoes from ecommerce site about a month ago. Now, I admit I didn’t set my expectations too high. We have featured GoJane on the blog before, and wrote specifically about how the navigation and search are in need of some improvements. Despite this, I like the products, […]

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Hard to keep track on Turntable Lab


As someone who makes music, I often find myself shopping on the Turntable Lab ecommerce site. This retailer sells a lot of great DJ equipment, electronics, and other products for music lovers. I’m a huge fan of the site, so I was sad when I ran into some issues trying to track one of my orders. […]

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Still Cringing over’s Emails

dioremail1 copy

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about a weird experience on Dior’s ecommerce site. After receiving an email about a product, we were unable to find the product on the site. It was a prime example of email marketing gone wrong. Unfortunately, Dior is not done. Since that time, I’ve gotten two more strange emails […]

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Re-Marketing Run-Around:


Last week, I had a really weird experience with the Dior ecommerce site that I just had to share. It all began in my inbox, when I received an email from notifying me that my product is back in stock. This is strange, because I don’t remember ever signing up to be notified about […]

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Ecommerce Snapshot: Pegasus Airlines

pegasus copy

I frequently have to find flights and book travel for coworkers. Although I have some sites I like to use, I’ll often start by just searching in Google for the flight I want. One of these searches led me to the Pegasus Airlines ecommerce site. I had to feature it here on the blog because […]

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Badge of Honor:

beatport copy

It’s time to award another Badge of Honor! This week’s Badge goes to a great ecommerce site called Beatport, an online music store for DJs. For people who DJ, this site offers a great shopping experience. Let’s take a look at what earned Beatport this Badge! Let’s start with the home page.  Don’t know what […]

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