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ECommerce Snapshot: Chanel

Very easy way to have customers self-segment themselves to receive more targeted emails.

Even though Chanel has kept their focus on brick and mortar stores, they made sure to include full functionality on their ecommerce site. It could be easy to understand that a company only offering a piece of their entire collection on their site may cut a few corners but Chanel did not. The opposite is actually true and Chanel […]

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H&M Deutschland ist Wunderbar

H&M's Top Banner

H&M has severely delayed the opening of their North America ecommerce store and it has left all us wondering whether or not H&M is serious about ecommerce. Why would they delay for so long and even miss the 2012 holiday season? They are facing increasing competition from Spain’s Inditex (Zara) and Japan’s UNIQLO; the latter […]

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ECommerce Snapshot: Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer has recently released a new website. Besides taking an incredibly long time to load, it’s a beautiful site and why not? Tag Heuer has teamed up with some of the world’s most famous people to be the faces of their watches. The only problem is, they are impossible to find using their on-site […]

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ECommerce Snapshot – Paul Smith

A piece that some people may want but may be a bit unsure if they can really pull it off.

Paul Smith is giving e-commerce a serious effort and their new website is a joy to explore. The new collections are pleasing on the eyes and the site is very fast.  After a couple of minutes of playing with the site, I did realize a little issue that may scare off people who are not very […]

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Sandro: Easy on the Eyes, Hard on the Mind.

The shiny shirt under the vest at the bottom right caught my eye. Where my eyes go, my mouse goes but sadly I do not find what I want.

Sandro creates collection after collection of slightly bohemian, retro yet elegant looks which are fan favorites with the Parisian hip. Sandro has been growing in recognition in the last few years and it is no surprise that they decided to start US e-commerce operations earlier this year. As a fan of the company, I find myself […]

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ECommerce Snapshot: Versace

The all important area to subscribe to Versace's newsletter is buried at the bottom of the page instead of standing out on top.

Our first ECommerce Snapshot. A picture is worth a thousand words and so much can be learned from a simple image. Making it easy to sign up on an email list is key to building up a solid email database. Why make it so hard?

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Mousing over lets UNIQLO to take you by the hand to the next step.

This week, UNIQLO,  has kept up with its aggressive expansion by launching their eCommerce store. This has been a long-anticipated launch for fans of the Japanese apparel giant, especially for those that find themselves distant from their few U.S. retail locations. It only took a brief visit to the website to realize that UNIQLO deserved an ECommerce Outtake Badge […]


The Stockholm Syndrome Stops with Chrome

An infinite load to sign up for a simple newsletter.

During the harsh Swedish Winter, all I could think about was taking off and getting back to the Mediterranean. But when Spring finally arrived, I found myself not using my new strength to leave but wanting to stay. The Baltic Sea lapping up against small cobble stone roads, the Scandi style and the lagom mindset convinced me to […]

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GMD-Girl Meets Downsale


Girl Meet Dress, or GMD,  is a dress rental business (dress ‘hiring’ for our friends across the pond). This isn’t the same dress rental place tucked away in that failing shopping corner which tries to pawn off ill-tailored dresses as haute couture. GMD is the opposite, they carry luxurious dresses for parties, proms or any other social […]

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Minimal but a Full Experience


My lust to spend money and love for minimal clothes was rejected by Rag & Bone. I surrendered my wallet and my heart was crushed as I was teased and strung out trying to claw for something that was not. Desperate and alone, I retreat to an old love of mine, APC, aka Atelier de Production […]

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