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Office Max is not much help…

officemax copy

I went to the Office Max ecommerce site in search of a notebook. Now, by notebook, what I had in mind was some kind of nicely bound, 3-ring sort of notebook. The kind I could put a presentation in to make it look professional. Seems simple enough. But little did I know the flood of […]


Apple… Experience the User.

Apple Ridge Hill 2 copy

Dear Apple, you need to know which customers you are sending out information to before you dish out offers and exciting news. I really like the overpriced technology that Apple gives us, I must admit. But when I get an announcement for a new apple store in Ridge Hill, I can’t help but stare at […]

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Oh Sabon: A Rose is a Rose is a…What?


Sabon,  a great company selling excellent quality merchandise, sends me an email. It’s pretty. It’s offering me what looks like a great deal (a $45 value with $100+ purchase). Only: I have no idea what I’m going to get. What is a Rose Aroma? In the picture, I see some roses, some roses that may […]

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Watson: They have a Stapler For $640! But Staples Still Needs Help With Their Filters.

So I was doing my research about staplers (and no, you can’t ask me why I did it!). Where do you start such research if not on And within 2-3 clicks you are on the following page: What I would like to point out is the lack of understanding user requirements and generalizing of the filtering. The first important filter […]


Hey, Ticketmaster: The Bird Got Flipped


I like that Andrew Bird. Great music, lots of different styles. AND…sometimes he whistles in his songs. So, when I get an email about his show, I’m all excited. Until, that is, I read the not-so-fine fine print. If you’re sending an email blast announcing “Various Venues” in “Various Cities,” you haven’t done due diligence […]

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