Future of Online Stores & Sales in Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Will 2015 be the Year the ‘Store of the Future’ Takes Off?

Consumers, specifically mobile-savvy Millennials, expect high-quality and seamless digital experiences both online and in-store. The store of the future concept promises to do away with problems like these, and if predictions are true, 2015 will be the year retailers start to see it come to fruition. (Retail Online Integration)

Impressions of NRF Retail's BIG Show 2014 - NY

The future of retail revealed at January’s BIG Show in NYC.

Sales Techniques that Will Ward Off Seasonal Slumps

Seasonal slumps are not a necessity; they are a challenge to overcome. Devise creative ways of powering through that seasonal slump with these 11 techniques for your Marketing/Sales team. (Forbes)

Seeking E-Commerce Supremacy in China, One Delivery at a Time

Keep your eye out for JD.com, an up and coming Chinese marketplace online. While Alibaba’s marketplace serves as a platform to connect buyers and sellers, JD.com buys goods from manufacturers and distributors and holds the inventory in its own warehouses. Its model echoes that of Amazon’s. (The New York Times)


Future of Online Stores & Sales in Today’s Top Ecommerce News

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