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Stiff Holiday Competition in Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Four ecommerce basics to put the jingle into your holiday sales

The time is now to make sure your ecommerce strategy is ready to deal with the hustle and bustle of the holiday retail season. Here are four key areas for online merchants to address in their ecommerce strategy to ensure their holiday retail season ends up with a stocking full of presents, instead of coal. (Entrepreneur)

Delivery Wars: How 3 factions are facing off

Amazon has teamed up with the USPS to provide Sun delivery, while Google is expanding its brand-name delivery service, Google Express. In the meantime, Silicon Valley sweethearts like ride-sharing service Uber are entering the fast-food delivery fray as others like Matternet develop futuristic drones. (Gigaom Research)

Seven tips for creating credibility for a marketable website

A website visitor’s first impression of you is based on how your site appears. Even if visitors survive the onslaught of color, they won’t last much on the page if navigating the website is onerous. With Google Analytics, you can track where visitors to your site come from, what they click on once they’re there, how long they stay there, and so on. (MarketingProfs)


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