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E-commerce explosion coming for 2014 holiday shopping: Dianne Buckner (CBC News)
“Forty percent of Canadians are spending their dollars online with foreign retailers, and that’s because the selection is not [there].” One million Canadian households started shopping online in the past 8 months, which industry insiders attribute to growing trends e.g.  in-store pickup, mobile purchases, wide offering selection.

Doing these 5 things can help you get more ecommerce sales this holiday season (Entrepreneur)
“Holiday-season ecommerce sales figures hit a high of $46.55 billion in 2013 and that number is expected to increase this season, continuing an upward trend of more consumers doing their holiday shopping online … These five things can help your business get a bigger piece of the pie this season.”

Wanted: Crystal ball for inventory demand (Practical Ecommerce)
“A good buyer will do the research, study the market, look at the sales history and do all the right things to minimize risk and ensure you stock items that sell. A great buyer will, in addition to that, be able to make reasonably accurate predictions regarding trends and get ahead of the game.”

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