A Badge of Honor for Bellroy

Another Friday means it’s time for another ecommerce Badge of Honor! Today our blog’s little award goes to Bellroy, a retailer of the slimmest wallets around. This site is visually beautiful overall, but we’re really loving the fresh and interesting ways this brand uses visual elements to guide and inform the shopper. Let’s check it out!

bellroy copy

On the home page, the first thing that grabs your attention is the beautiful images. The way Bellroy utilizes a combination of illustrations and high-quality photos is really unique and makes the brand stand out. A great example of this can be seen when the user clicks on Wallets in the top navigation. This opens another menu that displays small illustrations of each product. What a cool way to guide the shopper toward the wallet they want!


The other area where visual elements stand out is on the product detail pages. When a shopper arrives on these pages, the product video is set to play automatically. The videos are pretty neat little stop-motion explanations of the features of the product. I think it’s really interesting that Bellroy chose to show the video first, because it definitely shows the user a more in-depth view of what makes the wallet so great. Plus, it gives the retailer an opportunity to showcase more of their brand’s personality.


Also, check out this product image. Bellroy’s ecommerce site has a variation of this for each of its wallets. Such a cool (and helpful) visualization to show the shopper. Basically, this picture says “Take a look at just how much stuff you can fit in our slim little wallets.” It definitely demonstrates the value and benefit of the product in one quick glance.


Bellroy’s ecommerce site is using visuals in some Badge of Honor-worthy ways. Not only do the images, illustrations and videos highlight the products and guide the shopper, they also showcase the unique brand voice. We hope they keep up the great work!


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