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It’s so crucial for ecommerce retailers to offer content that is both relevant and engaging for their customers. That’s why I really wanted to draw attention to, a site that sells organic sunscreen products. This site is by no means perfect, but they do offer some cool features that are relevant to their products and engaging to the customer.

Now, if you’re buying sunscreen, what might you want to know? You would probably want to know about the conditions you’re going to be in. Well, on the Coola site, you can find that out. Take a look at the right side of the page, and you’ll see the UV index and temperature for a city.


You can click to edit, and a pop-up appears where users can enter their zip code. The pop-up even explains a bit about what the UV index means, which is really nice. Once this is updated, the UV index and temperature for the city you chose will appear in that tab on all the pages of the site. So cool! 



Although the pop-up does explain the basics of the UV index, the Learn More link provides even more helpful info. Click there, and you’ll arrive on a page called “coola’s sun science lesson.” This content is really great because not only does it explain the science, it also explains how Coola products address these issues. It’s informational while also being a helpful buyer’s guide. On top of that, this long-form content is probably a nice little boost to this site’s SEO!



Okay, now when shopper is looking at a product page, what other information might they be curious to know? Well, since they are interested in organic products, these customers are probably conscious of the impact of the products they buy. Coola provides content on this front too, showing several icons below the product descriptions to indicate a variety of features about the product. From Vegan Friendly to Cruelty Free, these eye-catching icons give shoppers tons of information in just one glance.


Of course, if a customer wants to learn more, they can click on the icons to view a page with descriptions of what these all mean. All the information this ecommerce site provides to shoppers goes above and beyond to educate the user. It’s so helpful!


Coola suncare has really hit the nail on the head in terms of providing relevant and engaging content for shoppers on their ecommerce site. They allow users to find the UV index in their area, provide tons of information about the science of suncare, and even display icons on product pages to denote special features of each item. This content helps the shopper learn which products to buy, and demonstrates that this brand is a trusted authority. What a great example of a strong content strategy!


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