What’s to Like (and Dislike) About LikeTwice.com

LikeTwice.com┬áis an ecommerce retailer or gently worn second hand clothes. When you boil it down, this store is a highly curated online thrift shop. You won’t have to sift through the musty junk to find the good stuff, and you can shop it all without leaving your house! It’s a fantastic concept, and there are some really cool things about this website. However, there are a couple not-so-great aspects too. Let’s take a look at what Twice’s site has going on.

The home page is clean and simple with bright visuals. Eye catching and fun! We also see a pretty straightforward top navigation menu, with tabs for the various categories. I decided to check out what’s New.

6488208925786112In the New Arrivals section, I saw what appeared to be a nice left-hand filtering menu. I can filter by size (in both regular and petite) as well as by brand, and even choose to see only the clothes that are new with tags. These are great options! However, I noticed that once I selected a size and scrolled to the bottom of the page, there are still more than 12,000 results. That’s a lot to look through! What I would love to see in this filtering menu is some sub-categories: pants, skirts, long sleeve tops, tank tops, dresses, etc. This way, shoppers can narrow down to view a more manageable list of items.

5135342814363648Another section I noticed in that left navigation menu was called Featured Styles. This section showcases three different trends, like fitness clothes, sunny day clothes, and breezy looks. This is a great way to show seasonal items and give shoppers a place to start their search. I clicked on Sweat In Style to check out the workout gear. Here, I was happy to see the idea I mentioned previously: sub-categories in the filtering menu! It even allows you to select more than one option at once. This is fantastic, and would be great to place on every category page.


Another nice feature I want to point out is the product images. If a shopper mouses over the product images on a category page, three small thumbnail images appear. As you mouse over these, the main image shows the larger view. It’s really cool that this ecommerce site allows users to see multiple product views without having to visit the product page, or even click a quick shop button. This makes browsing easy and fun.



As with most ecommerce sites, there are both good and bad elements on LikeTwice.com. Although the Featured Style section and the ability to view multiple product images from the category page are nice features, the filtering menus could use some work. At the end of the day though, it shouldn’t stop you from checking out the great deals that Twice has to offer, if you have the time to do some serious browsing.


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