Ecommerce Badge of Honor: The North Face

We’re back with another Ecommerce Badge of Honor! Today, the award goes to The North Face for some great design elements, as well as a wonderful user experience. Let’s take a look at this popular outdoor brand’s site and explore what’s so great about it.

northface copy

Starting on the home page, I really love the design and navigation elements here. This carousel of featured products and topics is really awesome. Users can open the little tabs on the left and see a short description of each one, and click over to whichever they want to explore. It’s a nice way to engage shoppers on this page.

northface1 copy

After viewing the home page, I began to explore the rest of the site using the intuitive top navigation menu. I visited the category page for women’s fleece items, and here I saw some other great features. In particular, I’m loving the filtering and sorting menus along the top. Using the menus in the grey bar, I can narrow down the fleece selection by color, size, benefit, and more, and I can also sort and compare. If I want to explore other categories, I can use the buttons above the grey bar to navigate around. I really like how the icons on each button give a visual cue for each category. So cool!


Another aspect of this page that’s really great is the tags for Top Rated items and Best Sellers. The way this ecommerce store has even showcased one particular best seller with a bigger image is also really cool. In this case, it’s even the same product that the model is wearing in the banner image. This is a very persuasive strategy, drawing the user in to this product.

Okay, I’ll bite. I clicked on this Women’s Osito 2 Jacket to view the product page. Here again I was impressed. First of all, this product page is really bold and visual, which is great. There is hardly any text above the fold, which puts the focus on the bright product images. With all the white space and nothing to distract, the product and the red Add to Cart button are so eye-catching, they’re hard to avoid! I also really love how the various color options are shown on the left not just as swatches, but as mini thumbnails of the product in that color.




Browsing on The North Face’s ecommerce site is a pleasure, both visually and in terms of intuitive navigation. I’m really a huge fan of what this online store has to offer, and we hope they enjoy their shiny new Badge of Honor!




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