Badge of Honor: BaubleBar

In case anyone was wondering how to do a really great top navigation menu, allow me to enlighten you. BaubleBar, an ecommerce retailer of fashion jewelry, has mastered the art of the drop-down, and it has earned them our Badge of Honor today. Let’s take a look to see what makes this site’s navigation so awesome.

baublebar copy

As users mouse over the various categories in the top navigation menu, a drop-down opens to show them additional options. Of course, shoppers will see the sub-categories on the left, but there’s more. BaubleBar uses the rest of the space to feature products, brands, trends, and more. What’s so cool about this is that it gives the shopper a place to start. With so many jewelry options, the site’s huge selection of items can be overwhelming. Seeing products right away is a great strategy to get users onto product pages sooner. Take a look at how this even includes the product name and price right from here. So nice!

baublebar1 copy

Each category’s drop-down is unique and offers the shopper some cool ideas. Here’s the menu for the Bracelets category, highlighting a specific brand on the site:

baublebar2 copyThis menu for the Rings section showcases some products from the Chic Antique trend, along with the sub-category of Statement Rings. Although this sub-category is also listed on the left, it’s always great to include an image to draw the shopper in and show them what kinds of products they can find in that section.

baublebar4 copyAnother way that BaubleBar’s ecommerce navigation does a great job is by highlighting the things that set their brand apart right from the top menu. The section called Guest Bartenders includes BaubleBar’s celebrity collaborations, which is a unique offering from the brand. It’s great to show this in the top navigation menu, and to showcase fan favorites from this product line. It will definitely get people interested!

baublebar3 copy

BaubleBar’s navigation menu is a truly stand-out feature on their site. The drop-down menus that suggest products, brands and trends offer a helpful way for users to jump start their shopping experience. I’d love to see navigation menus like this on every ecommerce shop… but I won’t hold my breath just yet. In the meantime, congrats to BaubleBar on their Badge of Honor!

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