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Cart Abandonment is Rising: 5 Tips For Cart Recovery (Get Elastic)
“It’s roughly 50/50 split among the 100 retailers studied who enjoy sub-50% abandonment rate and those that suffer from greater than that. And only 79% of merchants report to know their cart abandonment rates. As far as statistics go, that appears high and healthy, but these are ecommerce metrics — that should be 100% of merchants.”

With new app, buy anything online from any retailer in one touch (Internet Retailer)
“It potentially could strike gold with its new Keep Shopping app. The Apple iOS app, which debuted June 25, enables consumers to buy literally anything online with one touch. This eliminates the “friction” of repeatedly typing in shipping and payment data on a tiny screen, which historically has been the biggest hurdle in mobile shopping.”

What is off-page SEO and how can you use it? (eConsultancy)
“On-page SEO can be considered a technical job, although there’s nothing particularly complicated to learn if you want to carry out the basic techniques of good SEO. It’s about adopting a routine or having a checklist in place that ensures you remember the tasks that benefit your page’s visibility. Off-page SEO requires a different discipline or skillset from the above, but the desired outcome remains the same.”

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