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3 Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Doing it Right Online (Ecommerce Times)
“So how does a brick-and-mortar business remain successful in the age of multichannel commerce? Following is a snapshot of three companies that started off as physical retailers, yet have transitioned successfully via digital. These businesses have thrived with a clear online strategy that provides a consistent experience, strengthens their brand, and helps them stand out from their competition.”

Reddit for Ecommerce Marketers: Dos and Don’ts (Practical Ecommerce)
“Reddit users, known as Redditors, prize the strength and purity of their community above all else. They despise blatant marketing messages cluttering up their forums and are suspicious of  sales messages. That said, if you were willing to put in the time to listen and learn and tread very carefully, your efforts would likely be rewarded.”

Get Paid: GoDaddy Links With PayPal, Dwolla, Stripe For A Mobile & Web Payment Service (Tech Crunch)
“As GoDaddy gears up for a $100 million IPO, the domain and web services company is adding on more features that will help it make more profitable revenues from its 12 million small-business customers. The latest of these puts GoDaddy further into the world of ecommerce. Today, it is launching “Get Paid,” a new online and mobile payments service created with existing digital payments heavyweights PayPal, Dwolla and Stripe.”

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