Talk About a Blast from the Past!

The other day I was searching around for an Anne Cole bathing suit, and I stumbled onto an ecommerce site that gives new meaning to the phrase “lacking in visual appeal.” I really do not want to be mean or hyper-critical, but is truly cringe-worthy. Looking at the home page, you almost have to wonder if it is a real, functioning ecommerce store at all. Just check it out:


The product images are inexplicably just drawings. This one picture of an actual woman wearing the product is an animation, showing the animated bathing suit switching colors every second on an endless loop. It’s pretty laughable. Who would order an item when they can’t possibly tell what it really looks like? Apparently someone does, because the items are actually sold out in some colors…┬áTo make matters worse, the font is difficult to read, and there is no top navigation menu to help users get around the site.

If users scroll down to the bottom of the page, they will eventually find a size chart along with some navigation options and a customer service phone number. Why is this at the bottom?! The navigation menu should definitely be at the top, and so should the phone number.



The Clothing Studio’s ecommerce store front looks like a blast from the past (and not in a good way). With so many newer and easy-to-use platforms and templates available in the ecommerce market, it’s a great time for this site to make an upgrade. A modern design with simple functionality could help this online shop leap into the future… or even just the present.


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