Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Affiliate Marketing: How to Engage Bloggers (Practical Ecommerce)
“Working with bloggers takes a lot of initial elbow grease, but once the relationship is established, you are rewarded with a solid partnership that drives new, informed customers with strong lifetime value. Unlike other affiliate sites, bloggers educate their readers. When the bloggers refer these readers to your ecommerce site, the readers are typically driven by interest rather than discounts.”

Digital Retail: How In-Store Analytics Align With Online (Get Elastic)
“The new retail analytics, leveraging Wi-Fi, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), GPS geofencing and sensors that can read facial expressions and identify gender mirror many online metrics. And when looped back with web analytics, can drive powerful insights, marketing and optimization opportunities for cross-channel businesses.”

The Bouqs unwraps a $6 million Series A for its high-growth, farm-direct flower etailer (Pando Daily)
“The Bouqs is unique in the ecommerce space in that it operates a lot like a marketplace, sourcing its product from third party suppliers and holding no inventory, but manages to achieve direct-to-consumer caliber margins and brand affinity. By cutting out the multiple layers of middlemen – including, at minimum, distributors and retailers – it’s able to not only reduce its own costs, but pass along those savings to both its suppliers and its customers.”

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