Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Can Card Scanning Solve Mobile Checkout Abandonment? (Get Elastic)
“68% of smartphone and tablet owners have attempted to make a purchase through their device, and 66% report they’ve encountered obstacles that prevented them from completing checkout. 47% of respondents say checkout “took too long” according to a survey by Harris Interactive.”

Linking digital audience data to drive conversions (eConsultancy)
“Linking online and offline channels and multiple devices is now an intricate process, but one that ultimately promises big rewards. Bridging the gap, particularly between digital channels such as search and social, promises to benefit both marketers and consumers, delivering targeted ads and messages that are highly relevant to what people are looking for, and driving engagement and sales.”

E-retailers eye e-commerce platform upgrades (Internet Retailer)
“Replacing or upgrading ecommerce platforms tops the budget priority list for respondents to a new and exclusive Internet Retailer survey. The survey sought to highlight ecommerce technology spending plans and priorities in the coming year, and results show that nearly 62% of respondents put “e-commerce platform” at the top of their technology spending list. The survey had 99 respondents in total, and participants could select more than one technology priority area.”

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