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Is The Amazon Fire Phone A Game Changer For E-Commerce? (WebProNews)
“Yes, millions of products at the click of an actual hardware button on the device. Just point your phone at a product in person, and quickly buy it on Amazon. Brick and mortars already concerned about showrooming are going to just love this. A couple years ago, Target stopped selling Amazon’s Kindle in retaliation for showrooming. What will retailers do now that Amazon is offering consumers a device that removes just about any friction from the process?”

Pinterest: How to Create Images that Convert, for Ecommerce (Practical Ecommerce)
“Pinterest can drive meaningful traffic to ecommerce sites. That is especially true when merchants use compelling photos. This article will share best practices for creating Pinterest images that drive traffic to ecommerce sites. It is based on research by Curalate, “the world’s leading marketing and analytics suite for the visual web.””

Consumers Are Showrooming and Webrooming Your Business, Here’s What That Means and What You Can Do About It (Shopify blog)
“Up until recently, there was a lot of gloom and doom talk about how showrooming was eating into the profits of retailers, and that their was nothing they could do to combat its impact. However, retailers have fought back and employed several means to offset showrooming’s impact, and the result has been the rise of webrooming.”


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