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E-commerce could take 40pc of trade share by 2025 (
“E-commerce could take a 40 per cent share of overall trade volumes in developed countries by 2025, according to a study by Deutsche Post DHL. Today e-commerce makes up eight per cent of the overall trading volume in Europe already, but the study found that this share could rise up to 40 per cent in developed countries and up to 30 per cent in today’s emerging markets.”

4 Catchy Emails from Ecommerce Companies (Practical Ecommerce)
“Not every email message you send to your subscribers generates immediate sales. In fact, most do not. Running a successful email program requires fresh content and ideas, to keep your subscribers interested and, importantly, to avoid opt-outs. In this post, I’ll review innovative email examples from ecommerce companies.”

Amazon’s Road To Retail Domination (Tech Crunch)
“If you haven’t noticed, Amazon is about to eat retail. It’s been working hard at changing the way we shop for years and is now poised to change the way we interact with products thanks to the Fire Phone. It’s been a long, weird road and here are a few milestones.”

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