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4 Ways Same-day Delivery Will Transform Retailers (Practical Ecommerce)
“Amazon and Google are expanding same-day delivery services in major cities. These offerings and similar same-day delivery services from other companies could transform retailers online and off, potentially broadening the mix of products sold online and available to shoppers. Recently, Google announced that it would extend its Shopping Express service from the Silicon Valley to Manhattan and West Los Angeles. Similarly, Amazon’s same-day grocery service, AmazonFresh, is expanding beyond Seattle to include areas in California.”

5 Tips to Survive a Social Media Crisis (Retail Online Integration)
“Even the most beloved of companies will at some point in time either screw up themselves on social media or be the target of an angry customer. It’s how a company deals with those types of situations that can help protect their brand, and in some instances turn a negative into a positive.”

Cross-Device Functionality Top of Mind for B2C Content Marketers (eMarketer)
“But in a marketing world driven ever more by data, content marketing remains very much an art form, especially in the business-to-consumer arena. The difference between a viral hit and an invisible flop is still a coin toss for agencies or brands to predict. And, trickier still, there are no universal principles for proving return on investment to justify growing content marketing budgets.”


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