Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Wayfair: Letting customers lead the way (Internet Retailer)
“Speaking as day two keynoter on the topic “Connecting with consumers by giving them what they want,” Shah told attendees they can treat customers one of two ways. “You can treat them as smart and meet their expectations or treat them as dumb and lead them into a purchase,” he said. “We chose to treat customers smart.””

Recipe for Responsive Ecommerce Product Pages in 2014 (Practical Ecommerce)
“Since a good responsive ecommerce site design is a matter of taste, it makes sense to think about responsive product page design as a recipe with a handful of key ingredients, including a thin header, a high-priority call to action, product images, and finger-friendly, essential navigation.”

Semantics: Optimizing for the New SEO (Get Elastic)
“Advice that was once solid morphs into myth as Google updates its secret sauce to drown out spam and improve the contextual relevance of its results. Last year, a significant update marked the shift away from using the link graph and keyword matching to a more semantic recipe based on the Knowledge Graph.”

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