Another Great Example of Email Acquisition

Despite the growing power of social media, many studies show that email marketing is still the number one driver of traffic and conversions for ecommerce sites. This is why it’s so important for e-retailers of all kinds to always grow their email list. There are a number of strategies for this, but perhaps my favorite is the lightbox pop-up. I wrote a whole post about it, posing the question of how much information people are willing to give when they subscribe. I tend to think that keeping it simple is best, and even when it’s simple, it can still stand out.

Take a look at this example from Juice Beauty. When users arrive on this organic beauty brand’s ecommerce site, a lightbox pop-up appears asking them to subscribe to receive special offers. This one is very simple; all it asks for is an email address. However, take a look at the image. It shows Juice Beauty’s website on a computer screen, a tablet and a smartphone. This is really cool, because although it’s not stated in the text, it encourages shoppers to use the site on their other devices.

juicebeautypopup copy

It’s very likely that when these users open the Juice Beauty email they’ve just subscribed to, it may be on their phone or tablet. Knowing that this retailer offers a functional, visually-appealing mobile experience can drive more traffic from those mobile devices. Gaining loyal mobile shoppers is always a good thing. Food for thought for other ecommerce merchants out there considering the lightbox pop-up. You might want to take a cue from Juice Beauty in your email acquisition strategy!


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