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Local Businesses Migrating to Ecommerce (Practical Ecommerce)
“Local businesses with brick-and-mortar stores have not been early adopters of ecommerce. But, with the proliferation of mobile devices and with changes in how consumers research and buy products, most local businesses now have websites, many of them mobile optimized.”

5 Shipping Best Practices You Should Not Ignore (Ecommerce Weekly)
“Studies have shown that, increasingly, shipping practices drive customer decisions – and therefore could very well be a deciding factor of how successful your e-commerce website will be. Make your shipping practices attractive to customers and manageable for your own bottom line by keeping the following tips in mind.” 

3 simple tips to significantly increase your store’s conversion (Bigcommerce Blog)
“When people think about conversion optimization, they likely think about going back and forth between different color schemes while A/B testing, but there are actually much simpler and more effective ways to make sure you are optimizing for conversions. If you’re not doing these things, then it’s time to start.”


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