Today’s Top Ecommerce News

A PayPal founder introduces a new way to pay for cash-strapped web shoppers (Internet Retailer)
“Affirm takes on the risk of credit; the merchant receives full payment right away. Affirm makes money from the interest charged to consumers as well as the processing fee merchants pay, which Levchin says is comparable to credit card processing fees. Credit card fees generally average between 2%-3% of the purchase price.”

Five evocative examples of ecommerce copywriting (eConsultancy)
“As content marketing becomes more and more vital to every industry, the ability to create quality copy, even for ecommerce has become a crucial skill. It’s a key way to market your brand and a fantastic way to separate yourself from similar competitors selling the same product. Your excellent copy and the different ways you can use it can also make your brand more trustworthy and foster a deeper sense if loyalty.”

Move Loot Raises A $2.8M Seed Round To Expand Its Online Furniture Consignment Store (Tech Crunch)
“When you think of e-commerce ventures, chances are few of the ones that come to mind deal with furniture. After all, shipping huge crates full of beds around isn’t exactly something that lends itself to a lean startup business given the logistics involved. Move Loot, a Y Combinator alum from the last Winter batch, however, is doing exactly that with its online furniture consignment store.”



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