Badge of Honor: Monsoon

Today’s Ecommerce Outtakes Badge of Honor is quick and simple. (Really, isn’t this what online shopping should always be about?) The winning site is Monsoon, a UK-based retailer that offers clothing and accessories for women and children. There are many nice features on this site that are not uncommon throughout the ecommerce world, however, there is one particular reason this site stands apart. Inventory management! It may not sound glamorous, but when it’s done right, it can do big things for an online store. Check it out.

monsoon copy


As I browsed through the products on Monsoon’s ecommerce shop, I noticed a color drop-down and a size drop-down on most category pages. When you select a color, the size drop-down will then show you which sizes are in stock or out of stock in that color. Of course this is very helpful so that shoppers can quickly see which items are available in their size. But what’s even better is that an extra tag appears when items are very low on stock. For example, when I selected a size and color for this top, the site informed me that there are only 3 left:

monsoon1 copy

This is a great strategy that Monsoon is utilizing. Not only does it keep shoppers informed about product inventory and availability, but it also creates a sense of urgency. If someone likes this item and knows there are only 3 left, they are more likely to buy it right away rather than miss out on the opportunity. We had to give this one a Badge of Honor for that little extra push that we would guess increases conversions on this site. Well done, Monsoon!


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