CB2 Misses the Filter that Matters Most

Anyone who has ever needed to purchase a rug knows that size is key. You have a specific space in a specific room that you want to spruce up with a floor covering, so of course you need to shop based on those dimensions. This is obvious… or so I thought. But unfortunately when I was browsing the rug selection on the CB2 ecommerce site, it seems like they didn’t get the message.

Arriving on the site, I immediately selected the Rugs option in the main navigation menu. From here, there are 3 ways to shop: View All Rugs, Rugs, and Carpet Squares.

cb2_1 copy

I clicked on the Rugs option, thinking that there may be additional refinement options when I got to the next page. This was not the case. I’m left with the same left-hand navigation without any new filters. My only option is to sort by name, price or on sale. What I really want is to shop by rug size! The only way to tell which rugs come in multiple sizes is by noting the price range below the product image. And even for the rugs with only one price, and therefor only one size, the dimensions are not listed here. This is pretty frustrating.

cb2_2 copy

The only way to know the rug size is to visit the product page and scroll down. Here, shoppers will be able to see the different sizes available for that specific rug. Obviously, this is a time-consuming task for visitors to explore every rug they might be interested in purchasing from this ecommerce store.

cb2_3 copy

Thankfully, the CB2 site search is a bit more helpful. After searching for “5×8 rug,” I was presented with results that actually showed the products available in the size I was looking for. Hopefully other shoppers will use this strategy rather than wasting their time browsing the category page!

cb2_4 copy

Although a working site search is a good thing, better browsing is also a great idea. I would love to see CB2 offer filtering options in the rug category, especially for size. Other options such as price range, color, and pile would be nice additions too. This will definitely help shoppers on this ecommerce site find the right product quickly and more easily.


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