The First-Ever Ecommerce Speeding Ticket

The Calvin Klein ecommerce site, although overall pretty user-friendly, has a strange problem. Arriving on the home page, shoppers will see a large banner taking up most of the real estate. This carousel rotates through some featured trends in both the men’s and women’s departments. A list on the left shows what’s coming next, while some text on the right tells a bit about the trend.

That’s all well and good, but the problem comes in when this banner starts to rotate. It’s so fast! Users barely have time to read the text and take in the accompanying image before the next slide rolls in. Take a look at this recording of the site to see what I mean:


Now I know there’s no such thing as an ecommerce speeding ticket, but if it existed, I’d definitely hand it out to Calvin Klein. This ecommerce site needs to slow down and give shoppers time to think! Slowing down that carousel will definitely improve the shopping experience by giving people more time to take in all the styles this store has to offer.

Do you know of other ecommerce sites that should get a speeding ticket too? Share your feedback in the comments!



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