Badge of Honor: Skinny Ties

Let’s talk about first impressions. The Skinny Ties ecommerce site makes a great one. With a clean, simple and engaging design, the visual appeal here is definitely awesome. But what earns this site today’s Badge of Honor is it’s cool top navigation. Take a look!

The top navigation offers visitors several ways to shop: Collection, Color, Width, Fabric and Pattern. When the user mouses over each one, it opens a drop-down menu showing the sub-categories. But what’s extra-special is the way this ecommerce store shows images and short descriptions for each of these. Here’s the Collections tab:

skinnytie2 copy

And here’s width. It’s awesome to see the various tie widths on the model, too, because it gives better context for the user.

skinnytie3 copyFor a third example, here is the Fabric selection. Providing these close-up swatches is so great for helping the shopper to see the differences between the options so they have a better idea of what the product is like.

skinnytie4 copyIt might seem like a simple thing, but a truly well-done navigation menu can make all the difference for your customers. Clearly Skinny Ties understands the value of navigation, and this retailer did an excellent job of integrating it into the design of the site. Enjoy your Badge of Honor, Skinny Ties. You deserve it!




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