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Why All Sale Signs Are Red: The Science of Color in Retail (Shopify Blog)
“If you’re still on the fence about whether choosing the right color will actually impact your sales, here’s a few things to consider. When a prospective customer first walks into your store, they make a sub-conscious judgement about your retail environment and product within 90 seconds on the initial viewing. Guess how much of the first impression is based on color alone? Roughly 62% to 90% according to researchers.”

Amazon On Its ‘War’ With Hachette: There’s No End In Sight (Business Insider)
“Amazon responded this week to its ongoing conflict with book publisher Hachette, saying it’s having trouble reaching an agreement to sell Hachette’s titles. Over the last few weeks, Hachette has been sounding the alarm about Amazon’s pressuring tactics after the e-commerce site removed pre-order buttons on some Hachette books. Amazon also listed unusually long delivery times for other titles.”

Facebook Commerce Leader Ecwid Picks Up $5M, Passes 500K Merchants Across All Platforms (Tech Crunch)
“The startup today has some 500,000 merchants on its platform across some 175 countries. It has grown by some 50,000 since April, when it revealed during Facebook’s F8 developer conference that it would work in partnership with Facebook to make it easier for people to buy things on the social network — by way of an autofill of payment details that are stored on Facebook. That number was given an injection in January 2013 when Intuit bought e-commerce platform Payvment but didn’t pick up its existing business. Ecwid instead took on Payvment’s 200,000 merchants.”



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