Could Sizeable be the Future of Ecommerce?

Today, a friend tipped me off to an Australian ecommerce shop called Sizeable. You can read more about the site’s founder and what inspired her to launch this awesome idea on The short version is that founder Larissa Thorne was frustrated by traditional online shopping and the struggle to find out how clothes would fit without being able to try them on. Since most apparel websites tend to show thin models that are similar in size, it can be difficult for people with other body types and sizes to get a good idea of how the items will look on their bodies.

To address this, the Sizeable ecommerce store features several women’s brands and several models with different body types. As you can see, arriving on the home page, shoppers can select a model.

sizeable1 copy

They will be able to see the woman’s measurements and determine which one is closest to their own body type.

sizeable2 copy

Then, when they click on the Go To Shop button, they will see all the available clothing items on the model they selected. This gives the individual shopper a closer approximation to how these clothes may fit them, too. Users can also sort the products by options like average rating, newness and price.

sizeable3 copy

As of now, Sizeable only carries a few clothing lines on the ecommerce store. However, the idea of featuring several models of different shapes and sizes is a really cool idea to help shoppers find a better fit. It would be awesome to see this from larger brands, like Gap or J. Crew, although it may not be as feasible with a larger product line. Regardless, it definitely makes shopping online a lot easier for those of us who don’t share the typical model’s body type.

What do you think of Sizeable? Do you think we will see more of this on ecommerce stores in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!





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    Hey, I see you have a twitter account, do you tweet all your new posts?

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