Badge of Honor: Red Sister Blue

On Ecommerce Outtakes, we often get submissions from merchants and users asking us to review their website. Usually we offer up some constructive criticism and tell them the various ways that they can improve the shopping experience on their site. However, when we saw the submission for clothing retailer Red Sister Blue‘s¬†ecommerce site, we realized we had something different. With outstanding details and insight into the brand and their values, this site is truly great. Well Red Sister Blue, here’s your Badge of Honor!

redsisterblue copyNow, before any readers get too excited about the apparel on this ecommerce site, they only ship within India. If you live elsewhere, don’t get your hopes up! The awesomeness begins on the home page. The big, bold image from the lookbook got me excited to shop. When I moused over the Shop tab in the top navigation, I was pleasantly surprised to find some cool features in the drop-down. As you hover over a category, a thumbnail image shows a featured item. I love this! I also love that when I moused over the Follow tab, it displayed the icons for Red Sister Blue’s social media accounts. Details like this make this site really stand out.

redsisterblue4 copyScrolling down below this main image, I found more great things. The bottom of the page is divided up into boxes, showcasing the collection and some categories, along with a great video and a link to the story of the brand. Visitors will also find a link to the blog and Facebook page. Incorporating these various elements makes the page interesting, and gives people a variety of areas to explore.

redsisterblue1 copyI was really loving the top I saw in the main home page image, so I navigated to the product page. The product detail pages on this site are simple and minimal, but they have all the important bases covered. With tabs for the description, details, shipping and contact, all the product information is well-organized and easy to find. There are additional product images with a great zoom feature. Plus, the social media sharing buttons are here as well. Everything a shopper could need!

redsisterblue2 copy

Scrolling down the product page, I was again really impressed. Just take a look at what’s here. There are two sections of recommended products. One, “How about these?” shows products similar to the one I’m viewing. The other, “Complete this look,” shows items that could go with the top to make a complete outfit. This cross sale is great for the shopping experience, helping the user to explore more products. And Below this, shoppers will see some text about the fabric and production used in these garments, giving more insight into the brand and their values.

redsisterblue3 copy

All these aspects of the Red Sister Blue ecommerce site are spot on. This brand offers great navigation, nice content, and provides insight into the brand and the people behind it. That personal connection is great for building trust (and generating sales) with new shoppers. Frankly, I’m bummed I can’t order these items for myself. Regardless, this is a Badge of Honor well earned. Enjoy, Red Sister Blue!


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