Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Ecommerce and the Future of Retail: 2014 [Slide Deck] (Business Insider)
“The retail industry is undergoing a dramatic shift: E-commerce is capturing a larger share of sales than ever before. We’ve created a slideshow highlighting the retail categories where e-commerce is having the most impact, and where there is still opportunity for disruption. The shift away from physical retail toward digital retail is happening faster than many observers expected.”

Nordstrom invests heavily in e-commerce (Internet Retailer)
“Ecommerce isn’t just growing at Nordstrom Inc., it’s growing dramatically with e-commerce sales up 33% in the first quarter. With web sales accounting for even more of the chain’s overall growth, Nordstrom, No. 24 in the Internet Retailer 2014 Top 500 Guide will invest deeper resources into e-commerce and information technology upgrades, the retailer said on a recent earnings call.”

Why Personalization Is Doomed Without Strategy (Get Elastic)
“Personalization is a marketing strategy, not just a tactic. It’s a mistake to implement a tool, and set-it-and-forget it. Think through your hypotheses of personalization. What content should be shown to what audiences, at what time, for what ends? Determine which rules, constraints and exclusions should be applied to your tools for the most effective targeting.”



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