Lost in the Zebra-stripes of Zubaz.com

Today, the zebra print goes into the Lion’s Den. The ecommerce site for Zubaz, a brand of athletic pants featuring a signature zebra pattern, left a lot to be desired in terms of navigation. When I first arrived on the site, I checked out the top navigation menu. One of the options here is the Team Shop. A drop-down allows users to select from various leagues. First off, I chose the NFL option. As you can see below, there is a variety of products, many of which even feature the actual team logo on them. In the left navigation, shoppers can select their favorite team to see only those items.

zubaz1 copyI began to narrow down my search by clicking on a team, the Detroit Lions. This left me with only two products to choose from. I wanted to go back and explore the other items, however, there was a big problem. I can only clear one of my filters. In the left navigation, there is a red X next to Product Collection, but not next to the Team or League filters. In other words, I can’t undo my selection of Detroit Lions to return to all the NFL products. This is pretty annoying.

zubaz2 copyOkay, let’s just explore another section. I went back to the Team Shop option in the top navigation and selected MLB. But here, the results were puzzling. There are a few hats with team logos on them, but the rest of these items are not branded like the NFL section. These pants are just Zubaz pants in various colors. Although they might match up to a baseball team’s colors, they don’t have logos. This is fine, but do they really belong in the MLB team shop? I think not. The team shop should only show the branded items.

zubaz3 copy

Clearly, I found the Zubas ecommerce site to be confusing in terms of navigation, and I tend to think I’m not the only one. I would recommend that this online shop update their filters to be more easily edited, and update their team shops to only include team-branded apparel. This will help to eliminate some of the confusion of shopping on this site.


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