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3 Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid, According to Science (Shopify Blog)
“When you’re offering too many product choices, displaying too many pictures of your products, or arranging your products in jarring ways, you risk overwhelming your customers. You don’t want bad design to kill your sales. This post makes suggestions for optimizing your product display by drawing on the cutting-edge of recent marketing research.”

eCommerce Grows But Physical Stores Will Live On (eBusiness Strategy Forrester Blog)
“The truth is that yes, eCommerce is growing – but physical retail is far from doomed. Let me take the two parts of that last sentence and address them each separately. First, the fact that eCommerce is growing. Forrester just released the latest five-year online retail forecast and to no one’s surprise, the numbers are big. We’re projecting $294B in eCommerce sales across 30 retail categories in 2014, expected to grow to $414B by 2018.”

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in Ecommerce (How to Win at Ecommerce)
“CLV stands for customer lifetime value and, put simply, it’s the value a customer contributes to your business over the entire lifetime at your company. The main methods of calculating CLV are split between historic and predictive CLV.”

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