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After seeing a promotion for Helen Jon swimwear, I decided to explore this ecommerce store. When I did, I found that finding the correct size is not an easy task for the shopper. In the swim section of the site, I wanted to use the left navigation to narrow down my selection. I can filter by color, which helpfully shows swatches, and also by size. However, when I opened the size menu, I was very confused. Look at how many times the sizes repeat! If I want a size Medium, how do I know which letter M to select?

helenjon1 copy

Opening a product detail page for a bikini top, I came across yet another sizing problem. The drop-down menu shows the sizes, S, M, L, etc. However, these kinds of sizes vary from brand to brand, and it’s difficult for the consumer to know which they will need, particularly if they have never purchased from a brand before. Sadly, there isn’t a size chart on this page to help me out. This is especially bad for this product, which fastens with a clip rather than an easy-to-adjust tie. Helen Jon really needs to provide measurements to help the shopper make the right size selection!

helenjon2 copy

Helen Jon’s ecommerce site could really use some updates to make finding the correct size easier. Fixing the redundant size filter, and offering size charts for their products, will certainly go a long way toward improving the shopping experience.

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