Oster and Their Unavailable Blenders

Browsing the Oster ecommerce site for blenders led me to a strange discovery. When I arrived on the site, I headed straight for the Blenders section using the top navigation tab. This page offers many product results over multiple pages, so it’s great to see some helpful filtering options in the left navigation. I love how relevant these are to the products. They’re not just generic options, but instead highly specific options, such as jar type, jar capacity, power and speeds.

Oster1 copy

However, as I began to browse through the pages of blender products, I cam across something weird. Some of the products are not actually available on the Oster ecommerce site, but instead are available exclusively in other stores. Take a look. Some products can only be purchased at Walmart and Walmart.com, Kohl’s and Kohls.com, or Target and Target.com.

Oster2 copy

I clicked on one of these items and landed on the product detail page. Now, I assumed that the text might provide a link to the page on Kohls.com where I can actually buy this blender. But nothing here is clickable. Basically if I wanted to purchase this item, I’d have to go to the Kohls.com site and begin a search for it. This obviously creates a very frustrating experience for the shopper on Oster.com…

Oster3 copy

Back to the drawing board. I continued to browse the blenders until I came upon yet another weird issue. Some products say they are “Available for Parts and Accessories Only.” To me, this seems out of place. There is a tab in the top navigation on this ecommerce store specifically for Parts & Accessories, so why put these in the Blenders section? This only gets in the way for people who are looking to buy an entire blender, not just parts.

Oster4 copy

Browsing blenders on this site can be a bit confusing. I would love to see an additional filter so that shoppers can choose to see only products that are available on Oster.com, so they don’t have to sift through items they would have to buy on other stores. I would also love to see the blenders that are only available for parts and accessories listed in that category instead. This would help shoppers more easily find the best product they can actually purchase from the site!



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