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Five ways ecommerce sites can boost profits (eConsultancy)
“There are a myriad of barriers that online retailers face and it can be difficult to respond adequately to them all. The top five price related issues that they must address are: increased price competition, consumer price sensitivity, the need to protect the brand’s price image, increased price transparency, and improving return on inventory investment.”

Brand Blogs Get Highest ROI from Weekend Posts (eMarketer)
“Though just 13.1% of blog posts were published on Saturday or Sunday, that content accounted for 32.6% of total weekly social shares. Broken down by day, blog content posted on both Saturdays and Sundays saw higher social share percentages than any weekday, indicating that marketers posting to blogs could get a bigger bang for their buck by publishing posts when readers have more time to read and share—on the weekends.”

Using Pinterest Group Boards for Ecommerce; 5 Tips (Practical Ecommerce)
“Collaborating on group boards with influencers in your niche gives you access to their audience, which can drastically raise your Pinterest presence and draw pinners and prospects back to your store. Group boards are also good for other marketing activities like contests and sales promotions. They can also serve as an effective way to collect, curate, and share visual ideas with your team.”

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