Problems on the Birkenstock Ecommerce Site

Well, apparently Birkesntocks are making another comeback in popularity. I decided to visit their U.S. ecommerce site to check out the latest styles. What I found were some issues with the navigation of the website. Take a look at the home page, first of all. Okay, I see a top navigation and categories, a featured product with a description, but… no search function in sight. Why isn’t there a search function on the Birkenstock site? It would be a great addition to this online shop!

birkenstock1 copy

Well, if I can’t search, I guess I’ll browse. I selected the Women category from the top, then clicked on Sandals. Here I found a couple more issues. The left navigation menu lists all the names of the various sandal styles, and that’s all. To me, this seems like wasted space. I tend to doubt that every shopper would know the name of the style they’re looking for. On top of that, there is a drop-down Select a Style menu that contains the same list, making the left-hand menu redundant.

birkenstock2 copy

The other drop-downs on this page allow shoppers to narrow down by selecting a color, size and width. These are good, but I recommend adding one more for material. Since Birkenstock sandals are available in materials such as nubuck, oiled leather, Birko-Flor, and more, it would be nice for customers to narrow down by this option as well. If this ecommerce store wanted to stand out even more, I would suggest adding color swatches to the color selection menu as well. These would offer some big improvements to the shopping experience on this site.



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