Strange and Misleading Images on The Men’s Section

Arriving on the home page of the ecommerce site The Men’s Section, shoppers will find some features and promotions front and center. The largest image showcases the Explosive Black Leather Fitted Jacket for Men, as you can see below. I don’t know what makes it “explosive,” which is kind of a strange descriptor for a jacket. I’m also not entirely sure why the pictures have this faded or frosted effect, and frankly, I don’t love it. Shoppers should see the images in their full color, or even have them appear in full color when they mouse over. This will give customers a better feel for the merchandise.

menssection1 copy

When I clicked on the leather jacket image, I landed on the product detail page. Imagine my surprise to see that the jacket the home page advertised as black, is really brown. It actually comes in black as well, so why wouldn’t the main image here show it in black? This would be less confusing. Also, the alternate product images appear in thumbnails below the main image, but then they are also shown larger in a group when you scroll down the page. This is pretty unnecessary, and I’d suggest eliminating these extra photos on the bottom half of the page that just take up space.

menssection2 copy

Also, check out what happens when I mouse over the main product image. What good is a zoom feature that zooms out instead of zooming in? Not much good at all…

menssection3 copyClearly The Men’s Section can use some basic updates to be more appealing to shoppers. Providing full-color images on the home page, better organization on product detail pages, and a zoom feature that actually works, are all great places to start. Improving these areas would certainly lead to a better user experience overall on this ecommerce store.

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