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Amazon now lets users add items to their shopping cart with a hashtag. But will anybody use it? (Pando Daily)
“The tool is simple: if someone sees a tweet with an Amazon product link embedded within its 140 characters, all they need to do is reply with #AmazonCart to add the item to their account. The service requires that consumers connect their Amazon and Twitter accounts, but beyond that the tool makes shopping as easy as making a joke or condemning “The Colbert Report.” It’s unclear how replying to a tweet is more convenient than tapping the link and adding the item to a shopping cart with another tap — or how many people will be comfortable with having their shopping history available with a simple hashtag search.”

7 Must-have Email Marketing Features (Practical Ecommerce)
“Every email service provider (ESP) offers a basic set of features and functions, including the ability to send bulk email messages; some form of layout or template system; and rudimentary list management. Beyond these fundamentals, marketers will want to be able to automate and optimize email marketing messages and campaigns.”

7 Simple Tips for Improving Ecommerce Site Search (Shopify Blog)
“Perhaps you think that as a small, medium, or even large online merchant, you have neither the funds nor people to maintain an Amazon-like search engine on your web site. Think again. There are actually some simple things you can do to significantly improve your site search, engage your visitors, and increase conversion rates on your site. Here are 7 tips on how to improve site-search on your ecommerce website.”

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