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Ecommerce Blogs: How to Grow Readership, Improve SEO (Practical Ecommerce)
“If you maintain a blog with your ecommerce site, honing your copywriting skills can make it more popular and increase the possibility it will appear higher in search results. Online copywriting involves three parts: site readability, search engine friendliness, and writing skills.”

Direct to Consumers: How Brands and Manufacturers Execute Digital Strategy (Get Elastic)
“Many direct-to-consumer ecommerce businesses struggle to manage their customer relationships, channel complexities, and digital marketing. And Wu recognizes the challenges D2C businesses face are typically not covered in-depth by ecommerce conferences.”

How to use discounting without harming your business (eConsultancy)
“Think of the long-term impact of your discounts and promotions. Is is sustainable? Can you grow your business without discounting? One-size doesn’t fit all with discounting strategies and you should test and learn to maximise profitability and revenue. But do so with one eye on the perception and future growth of your business.”

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