Today’s Top Ecommerce News

Quality Content Is Critical for SEO (eMarketer)
“According to an April 2014 survey of marketing professionals worldwide conducted by Ascend2, quality content creation was the most effective SEO tactic, cited by 57% of marketers. However, just because something is effective doesn’t make it easy. Content creation was also the most difficult tactic to execute, with nearly half of respondents saying so.”

Facebook seeks to dominate mobile (Internet Retailer)
“Even though there are already large mobile-focused ad networks, such as Google Inc.’s AdMob and Twitter Inc.’s MoPub, Facebook’s Audience Network is distinct because it can make use of the vast amount of information the social network knows about its users’ interests, says Melissa Parrish, a Forrester Research vice president and research director, who covers both social media and mobile.”

Groupon Goes After Costco And Sam’s Club With Groupon Basics, A Portal For Home Goods (Tech Crunch)
“As an expansion of the online ecommerce portal Groupon Goods, Groupon Basics a discounted, bulk shopping service for home goods. Starting with household, personal care and health products, the plan is to expand to canned and packaged groceries in the next few months. The service is kicking off with around 100 items on offer — things like Gillette razor heads, Dove deodorant, Airborne immune supplement and Pantene shampoo — with discounts generally at 20%-30% off retail prices.”

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