Is Diesel’s Home Page Trying to Do Too Much?

Since last week, I have been shopping on many ecommerce sites for jeans. I decided to check out to see what kind of styles I could find. When I visited this site however, I was pretty overwhelmed. This brand’s home page has a cool looking design, but it showcases so many categories and features that it’s difficult to sift through it all. Take a look. Here is the first sight of the home page:

diesel1 copy

That’s new arrivals, women’s collection, men’s collection, nearest store, and the fragrance category, and I’m just getting started. As users begin to scroll down, they find even more of these pictures and boxes for different categories. We’re not even halfway down the page yet!

diesel2 copy

Still scrolling….

diesel3 copy

Finally we reach the bottom! At this point, I’ve seen pretty much every product category or featured element that Diesel has to offer. Thankfully there is a complete menu down here so I don’t have to scroll back up to find the topic or products I want to explore.

diesel4 copyNow, I do realize that serves as a portal to all the Diesel offerings, and there is a separate site for the online shop. I headed over there using the top navigation menu. On, things were a bit better, and there is a nice top menu that drops down to allow for easy navigation among the various categories. However, there’s still a lot going on, as you can see below. There are lots of featured images below the fold on the home page.

diesel5 copyWhy does Diesel want their users to do so much scrolling? Personally, I’d rather see just a few featured categories or promotions, with an easy-to-use top navigation menu and search function. This allows for a much simpler shopping experience that’s far better than scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.



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