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Where are luxury brands going wrong online? (eConsultancy)
“The trouble for luxury brands online is that a lot of what makes them luxury brands occurs offline, such as fancy showrooms, personal service and so on. Burberry’s flagship London store is a great, hi-tech version of this. Online, if you’re expecting people to spend big money on big ticket items, then providing a great user experience is the least you can do.”

What Does Snapchat Mean for Ecommerce? (Practical Ecommerce)
“Companies have begun experimenting with the platform, from sending private messages to creating “stories” to share with their Snapchat following. It’s early days for brands trying to access this growing young audience and there are challenges that come with early adoption.”

Should Amazon Start Shopping for Diversity? (eCommerce Bytes)
“Amazon has a woman problem, according to The Guardian. The British newspaper said Amazon employs just 18 women among its 120 most senior managers, and none of them report directly to CEO Jeff Bezos.”

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